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ECONOMICAL SOLUTIONS for Industrial Weighing

Our equipments at right costs, but also accurate and reliable, allow you to be profitable. Improve your profits with HASLER high-technology equipments. Whether your industrial sector is Cement, Aluminum, Glass, Steel, Fertilizer, Mines&quarries, or any other continuous industrial manufacturing process, you can take advantage of our equipments and 70 years experience and know-how from installations all over the world.

Products functions :

/// GRAVIT :
For mass flow extraction and continuous gravimetric feeding of granular material.

/// GRAVIT Light :
For mass flow extraction and continuous gravimetric feeding alternative fuels

For continuous gravimetric feeding very fluid and/or aerated powdery materials.

For continuous gravimetric feeding of alternative fuels.

Combines the function of extraction and weigh feeding for difficults alternative fuels

Combines the function of extraction and weigh feeding for difficults alternative fuels

Apron weigh feeder for hot and abrasive materials

/// MAMMUTHUS 2000 :
High flowrate apron extractor weigh feeder

Heavy duty weigh belt feeder for continuous gravimetric feeding of granular materials.

/// FLOW :
Continuous metering of fuidized, flushing powdery materials. Totally enclosed,rugged construction with internal pressure equilibration channel and inlet setting chamber to desaete and condition the material before its being metered.

/// GRAN :
Continuous metering of powdery on small granular free flowing  materials

/// FLOWRIT 60, 200, 400 :
Digital flowmeter with 2 measuring channels for weight and speed acquisition. For continuous metering of powdery or small granular, freeflowing bulk solid materials. Version for hazardous industrial environment avaible.

Gravimetric weighfeeding solution and pneumatic transport for pulverized coal

/// RBV :
Volumetric screw feeder

/// RBP :
For additives and contamined materials A weihing system with three analogical or numerical sensors. Screws of various diameters and profiles adapted which allow an optimal adaptation to the nature of the product. Peripheral parts facilitate the proportionning of difficult flow materials.

/// SBS:
For rubber belt conveyors with maximum belwidth of 1400 mm.

/// SAS:
For apron conveyor / steel bucket belts

/// LBS : For rubber belt conveyor with beltwidth from 1400 to 2100 mm, high speeds and capacities (up to 25 000 tons per hour).

/// SOUND 1:
Electroaccoustic supervision of the mill filling level based on the mill noise. The SOUND 1 consists of a very sensitive microphone to be installed at the mill inlet as close as possible to the mill shell.

Double stage rotary weigh feeder for powdery materials